Sir Arthur Cotton, an Engineer with the help of two Missionaries (E.E Jenkins & George Fryar) traveled in Telangana and were responsible in starting work in Sironcha in 1863. The Missionaries Henry Little and William Burgess came off from Madras to Secunderabad in 1878. The Indian colleague was Benjamin Wesley and the first Methodist Telugu service was held in Ramkote in December 1879 in the house of one Telugu Layman called Mr. Joseph Cornelius. The Tamil congregation of the Church of Scotland Mission was handed over to them.

The first Church was in Trimulgherry. In 1881. The present Wesley Girls School with its Missionary Bungalow was purchased in 1884. Thus started the work in the present existing Secunderabad Wesley Pastorate. How Rev. William Burgess started the work is described by Rev. Sacket as follows:

“One man is sent to occupy the dominions in the name of the Lord. Burgess stayed in a Dak-Bungallow as there was no ready house for accommodation. He had no Church to receive him. He was a lonely Christian in the midst, of a million inhabitants. He began his work first with British Soldiers. And only by the inspiration given by Mr. Cornelius, he gathered people for Christ. “The first Baptism was administrated by Burgess on the 25 th January 1880 . His first convert was Andrew son of Chakkariah who became the fore-runner of the Lakhs who are today Christians in Medak Diocese”.

Nothing interested Burgess more than the winning of souls for Christ. He worked tirelessly, ceaselessly with determination for our Lord. He rode on Horse-back so unceasingly that we might say the saddle was a second home like founder of Methodism John Wesley. In 1880, a church building rose in Ramkote which was called Wesleyan Mission ‘1880’. The Madras Synod sent Rev. Benjamin P. Wesley to help Burgess. Rev. Benjamin P. Wesley along with Mrs. Burgess set about establishing Educational Institutions. The congregation of Tamils and Telugus used to meet in the Wesley Hall Market Street, Secunderabad. In 1882, Burgess bought the shops of one Bhagyavarapu Bala Krishnamma and another man Narasimha. This was used for building up side rooms for a school. In Hyderabad too, a Church was built in 1883. Rev. Pratt arrived in 1880 and learnt to read Telugu Bible in six weeks. Benjamin P. Wesley was ordained as a Wesleyan Minister in 1882. He comes from Cuddapah and was a well educated man who always stood for the dignity of an Indian. It is said that when he was sent for deputation of England, he never let down India. Once an Englishman thinking of the poverty of the Indians, asked him in what kind of China Plates Indians use to serve to ear our food and throw them away signifying, we Indians use only a leaf plate. He never left his English colleagues to conquered Hyderabad for Christ. These three Burgess, Pratt and Benjamin Wesley used to travel on cart, on Bullock Bandies. They had adventures with wild beasts. Pratt surveyed Karimnagar area and started the Headquarters there. Then the District Headquarters was Ellagandala eight miles away from Karimnagar. Benjamin Wesley made Siddipet his Headquarters. The Hyderabad and Secunderabad cities were given to Burgess.