Garrison Wesley Church which is one of the oldest Churches in Secunderabad, India wanted to capitalize and make use of the internet technology to bring to the whole world to know about our Church and it’s history. Further many of our Church members, their family members or their relatives who are now abroad can continue to maintain their relationship with our Church and get updated through this Website. For this purpose a Website Committee was formed and the Website Committee members in co-ordination with the expertise of Mr. D. Sudesh Kumar the Pastorate Secretary by his untiring efforts and hard work had collected many materials for it’s content before it’s launch. The website was formally launched on 25th of December 2007 by Rev. B.D. Premsagar the the Presbyter In-charge. Further the committee will continuously make efforts to update the website for the future also. The members of the Website Committee are as follows:

Rev. Jyothi Sunder – Presbyter incharge
Mr. D. Sudesh Kumar – Webmaster
Mr. Larry Bhasker – Convenor
Mr. D. Philip
Mr. E.Rajkumar
Mr. Rahul Menda – User Interface Designer