Women’s fellowship of is one of the effective bodies of the Medak Diocese, which works towards the empowerment of women. The women’s fellowship with its motto “Arise & Shine (Isai.60:1) endeavourers to unite the women empower them and equip them as Christian witness. Every year, the first Friday service in March is observed as Women’s day, where women take active participation in the service.

Women’s fellowship of the C.S.I. Garrison Wesley Church, Congregation Lalbazaar, Trimulgherry Pastorate is an extension of the Women’s fellowship of the Church of South India. The Women’s Fellowship is a strong organisation in our church. Bonding the women in our church towards active participation in church and it’s activities, the Women’s Fellowship also lends support to other needy women in India. The objective of women’s fellowship is to participate in the functioning of the church and to serve the needy and the poor.

The Women’s fellowship meet regularly on every Saturday at the parsonage for prayer and Bible study. The organisation aims to attain the spiritual growth of the family by grooming the children in a Christian background. A major highlight of the activities of the Women’s Fellowship is their strong support and contribution during the Harvest Festival of our Parish.

As Christian women we have the opportunity to be the hands of Christ to our own families; loving & serving them. As members of the church we are having the same opportunity to serve this larger family extending this love to others in order to include them into the family of Christ. Women’s role in Christian service though many times unseen or unnoticed is the backbone through which many activities of the church are maintained.” The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding.” Neh 2: 20.

I wish to thank God Almighty for the blessings received during the past years.

Mrs. Snehalatha Richards
Secretary¬†, Women’s Fellowship