The Garrison Wesley Youth serves to unify and strengthen the Church through participation in the social, religious, professional and cultural life of the Church.

One of the challenges of youth ministry has been creating and sustaining a viable youth ministry leadership team, and the hardest lesson to have been learned is that you can’t do youth ministry by yourself.

So, this past year and into this New Year I am looking to equip my small group leaders and other adults for further, better, and deeper ministry. So, if we aren’t developing other leaders we are aren’t really leading. I don’t think there is magic formula for training leaders. But, as leaders ourselves we are called to equip God’s people for works of service.

So, what we are looking for people who desire to work for the Church and involve in all the Church activities. I am looking specifically for people who are called to this unbelievable task, we call youth ministry. I think a related component to desire or calling is commitment. We are also looking for people who are committed to Christ, His Word, service and understanding youth culture. I think one other area that we will be praying about in this search for leaders is availability. Leaders have to be available to their flock.

Mr. D. Philips
Youth Secretary